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Samsung launches a TV with a CURVED screen to improve viewing quality - but it'll set you back £8,5000


Samsung has officially launched its first super-thin curved TV screen with a price tag of £8,500 ($13,000) - five times more than its flat-screen equivalents.


The 55-inch model has a high-resolution OLED display and its design means the screen is an equal distance from the viewer at all times.


It is now on sale in South Korea but Samsung told Reuters the set will be made available in other countries from July - the first time a curved TV of its kind has been sold outside of Asia.


The Korean company announced the television during the Consumer Electronics Show in January this year.


At the time, Samsung's curved screen was the world's first yet delays in the manufacturing process meant that rival LG beat the company to selling the device.


Speaking at the launch event Kim Hyunsuk, Samsung executive vice president, said: 'We have just introduced our first OLED TV and have to see consumer response to gauge overall market demand.'


Samsung said it will begin selling its curved OLED television outside South Korea from July but did not specify which countries.


It also said it has no plans to offer a non-curved one this year.


The concave display gives viewers a sense of being immersed in the images.


Samsung claims its 'Timeless Arena' design reduces the chance of images appearing pixelated, too.
The 55-inch OLED screen also supports Samsung TV features such as multi-view that lets two people watch different things at the same time.


Samsung and LG, which are the only TV makers in the world to begin commercial sales of OLED TVs, had promised to launch them in 2012 but delayed the launch to this year.


The two South Korean TV giants tout OLED, short for organic light-emitting diode, as the next-generation display technology that will eventually replace older displays.


But mass producing OLED displays still faces many challenges, leading to high prices.


In addition to curved OLED TVs, Samsung launched two ultra-HD TVs, with four times the resolution of regular high-definition TVs.


An OLED display works without a backlight, which means it can display deep black levels and can be thinner and lighter than a liquid crystal display (LCD).


In low lighting an OLED screen can produce a higher contrast ratio than an LCD, too.


The technology has long been touted as the future of consumer electronics displays, offering crisper picture resolution, a faster response time and high contrast images.


Yet televisions with OLED screens are still a niche market and Samsung warned that industry forecasts for sales growth were a bit too optimistic.


Research firm DisplaySearch has forecast global industry-wide sales of OLED televisions at 50,000 this year, at 600,000 next year and rapid growth thereafter to reach 7 million in 2016.


LG, which currently offers both curved and non-curved 55-inch screens, is estimated to have only sold a few hundred screens so far after starting sales earlier this year.



A curved screen? The next thing they will do is to attach a big box at the back of it....and then you will end up with the telly you had all along.
- Steph, London, United Kingdom, 28/6/2013 8:34


wot a gimmick - samsung - learn to innovate!!
- CRIKEY-69, NoMansLand, United Kingdom, 28/6/2013 7:07


People WILL buy this. My husband works in this industry and just sold a TV for $25,000 the other day, and to a middle class person, definitely not someone wealthy. You'd be surprised what people spend on their electronics.
- butterprint, Denver, United States, 28/6/2013 6:30


Ive still got me old telly .It'll be 15 years old this year Goes well , no problems with any part of it . Watch and see how many idiots with no money go and get a loan so they can have this new fangled rubbish .
- rianlly, Aberdeen, United Kingdom, 28/6/2013 6:06


Oh my god, a years wages, on a telly, mine was 250 quid an I'll have that one until it packs in on me
- angiecookie81, liverpool, United Kingdom, 28/6/2013 5:47

哦 天啊,相当于一年的工资啊,就买一个电视而已,我的这台电视机只要250英镑,直到我这条电视机不能用了我才会去买这种新产品。

Incoming iPhone with an "apple invented" curved screen then?
- Nope, UK, 28/6/2013 5:30


Sit back and watch the sheep come running.
- Allmodcons1965, Manchester, United Kingdom, 28/6/2013 5:28


Everyone's bought a flat screen tv to replace their curved screen one!
- sceptical, Ware, 28/6/2013 5:16


It's a very nice tv set, but it's always best to wait antil the prices come down.
- Lenny, London, 28/6/2013 5:07


Give it six months and Tesco will come out with a Technica version for a fraction of the price!
- Your Mother, Chile, 28/6/2013 4:45


Who needs it? 55"? Bit over the top for a room in the average suburban semi, isn't it?
- A.N, London, United Kingdom, 28/6/2013 4:35


I wonder if you can buy that on benefits
- USA, Oklahoma City, United States, 28/6/2013 4:35


Yes, then next year it will become obsolete due to companies constantly updating hardware / software. That's another £8,500 down the tube
- anonOx, Oxford, 28/6/2013 3:41


Reminds me of those early projection TVs Sony KP 5010
- Sh, anywhere, 28/6/2013 3:13

这让我想起了早期的投影电视机,比如索尼的KP 5010。

That's not a tv!! It's the new galaxy s5
- emce, Lincoln, 28/6/2013 1:21


Stupid ! when I look at a painting it is not curved, so why do I want a curved T.V. this is only a gimmick by the manufacturers to put money in there pockets. - Brittania, widnes, United Kingdom, 27/06/2013 15:3


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