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Nake, King Burger and Anmani... the astonishing array of fake brands made in China

Nake,King Burger 还有 Anmani……亚虎国际娱乐制造的海量山寨名牌


Rachel Rickard Straus
PUBLISHED: 12:45 GMT, 15 April 2012 | UPDATED: 12:45 GMT, 15 April 2012


Would you go for a meal at King Burger or don a pair of Anmani shoes?

你会不会去King Burger(“汉堡王”Berger King的山寨版)吃一顿饭或者买一双Anmani(阿玛尼“Armani”的山寨)的鞋子?

These laughable counterfeit goods made in China wouldn't have anyone fooled.


The selection of ridiculous fake designer items shows a whole alternative universe of goods made in China, where plastic shoes are made by Corcs, time is kept by Owega and music played courtesy of headphones made by Sonia.


Poor taste: Unconvincing pirate brands from China for Burger King and Jack Daniels Whiskey

低级趣味:不能让人信服的亚虎国际娱乐对Burger King和 Jack Daniels 威士忌这两个品牌的剽窃版本

But would you really risk putting PenesamiG batteries in your prized camera, or a shot of Johns Daphne Tenderness whiskey in your coke?Or would sports fans ever be tempted by a pair of dubious Odidoss shorts, topped off by a jacket by Nake?

但你真的有可能会把PenesamiG牌(松下Panasonic的山寨版)的电池放入你珍贵的相机里,或将Johns Daphne(杰克丹尼Jack Deniels的山寨版)柔和型威士忌兑进你的可乐里吗?而运动迷们可能会买一双Odidoss牌(阿迪达斯Adidas的山寨版)运动鞋,买一件Nake牌(耐克Nike的山寨版)的运动衣。

Some fake label names are so far removed from the originals they are barely recognisable... anyone fancy washing their clothes with Tihz or writing emails with an Aeippie?


Perhaps the choice of name for fake Prada is most spot on - Paradi.

也许山寨版普拉达Prada 的名字比较接近原版——Paradi。

1、well travelled, abroad, 16/4/2012 13:02
Oh no they left off my favourite! Clio Coddle clothes shop complete with a picture of a large green reptile. Always made me laugh! :-)

噢,不是吧,他们遗漏了我的最爱!服装品牌Clio Coddle(克劳克达,俗称的鳄鱼),品牌标识是一只绿色鳄鱼。我一见它就笑!:-)

2、Stuart, Ottawa, Canada, 16/4/2012 12:12
I was once the proud owner of a pair of Lives jeans. The Chinese manufacturers really don't create much. All they do is cheapen what already exists. This is why the west doesn't have much to fear from China economically IMO.


3、FRANK, SLOUGH, 16/4/2012 12:09
I'm sure in Britain there are people up in arms against the Chinese making look alike products when they have paid through the nose to get the genuine article even though it's probably no better and manufactured in the same factories by 4 year olds. I had to laugh at the King Burger fake - could it really less appetising than a Burger King ? The Chinese have really missed the obvious fake name. MACDONALDS instead of McDONALDS

我相信在英国一定有人举起双手反对亚虎国际娱乐山寨货同时却高价购买真货,即使真货并不好到哪里去,甚至是在同一家工厂由4岁童工们制作的。我不得不嘲笑King Burger山寨—但它就真的不如 Burger King好吃吗?亚虎国际娱乐人显然遗漏了最明显的山寨品牌。MACDONALDS可以代替McDONALDS(麦当劳)。

4、John, Indonesia, 16/4/2012 11:51
The Heimekem is probably better that the real thing. Could not be any worse.


5、nix, Oxford, 16/4/2012 11:42
Johns Daphne is actually Jack Daniel's girl.Their intoxicating love story is full of tenderness.

Johns Daphne(亚虎国际娱乐山寨版)其实是Jack Daniel(正版)的女朋友。他们动人的爱情故事充满无限柔情。

6、someone, reading this article, 16/4/2012 11:25
I tried to Google "Links of London" to buy a charm for my mother's charm bracelet. The website looked the same but the prices were really, really cheap. I decided it had to be either a fake or Links was going out of business. Sure enough, the website came out of Hong Kong, where all your products would be shipped from. There were some pretty funny typos on there when you started reading the site, though. I don't know how good their charms were.

我试图谷歌“Links of London(伦敦著名饰品品牌)”打算买一个饰物添加到我妈妈的饰物手链上。网站页面(上的东西)看起来一模一样,但价格是真的、真的很便宜。我想它要么就是冒牌货,要么就是这个链接已经过期。果不其然,这个网站来自香港,你所有的东西可能都是从那里运来的。但是当你开始阅读网站内容时会发现上面有许多可笑的拼写错误。我不知道他们的饰物到底有多好。

7、Alan, Wales, 16/4/2012 11:08:
If you're Chinese, you would recognise the image rather than the wording. I wouldn't know the difference if it was in Chinese. Cheeky s*ds.


8、Luc, Bristol, 16/4/2012 11:07:
The best story I read about is a lad who bought a TV off Ebay and when he got it out of the box it was a Pandasonic.


9、joe , england, 16/4/2012 13:05:
hate to disappoint but china is actually a country of high quality manufactured produce nowdays,, where do u think ur iphones and touchpads come from??! check your clothing lables, theres a high chance that they it were not made in china and if they are then the your clothes are probably super old!!!! u also need to take into consideration that China is 20% of the worlds total population and that due to their recent rapid economic development, there are huge disparities across their country in terms of family incomes which therefore leaves a market for these cheaper alternative nakes and pradis... but plead ignorance should you wish ;)


10、Pogi, Seattle, 16/4/2012 12:31:
My favorite brand for men : "Tummy Illfigure"

我最爱的男子品牌“Tummy Illfigure”(汤米·希尔费格Tommy Hilfiger的山寨版)

11、Dave., Zhangmutou.China., 16/4/2012 12:26:
Brilliant........I'm sat at work in my fake Adidas trainers, copy Wrangler Jeans and fake Brietling watch.....although I don't think I'll be trying a can of Heimikem any time soon!


12、rachey, china, 16/4/2012 12:25:
My goodness, you all come across as so bitter and envious! China is allowed to industrialize too! That washing powder is just washing powder, not fake, talk about grasping at straws. I admire China's ability to make fakes, and living in China I don't find it difficult to buy genuine products. How about an article detailing some of the great innovations China have come up with recently? I'm here living in a flat far more modern and 'green' than anything you can get in the UK.


2、alex , victoria seychelles, 16/4/2012 12:04
Bottom line is the holy grail, 7 billion potential customers largely without knowledge of sacred western branding, or English (Including a good number of Britons) It is not the things that concern the buyer, can i get the look for less, The product is in my reach, longevity is not a factor. Branding is only for the protection of profits of the producer. Heimekem has a home country population of 1.3 billion, It has the potenial to out do the original Dutch product. (not at the London olympic where the dutch has neutered British Brands.


3、Pop, Peking, 16/4/2012 21:57
I seem to have read this somewhere before,in the Maily Dale..

我好像在别的地方读过这篇文章,在Maily Dale。

4、T. R. Elison, Glasgow, 16/4/2012 21:32
說謊 買主 For the Chinese market, they are illiterate and can't tell the difference.

说谎 买主 在亚虎国际娱乐市场,他们是文盲所以看不出区别。

5、myveiw09, swintonscheesh, 16/4/2012 21:11
As long as labour and costs are cheaper in China the west will keep transferring jobs to it at some point either by our living standards dropping or theirs rising we will meet on a level playing field for costs the bad news for us is it will be long slow process


6、autumn, southsea, 16/4/2012 21:07:
I will never buy fakes. Jennifer Connoly's dialogue in the movie He's Not that Into You summed up my feelings. Her character was arguing with her husband on what flooring they should buy for their house. She wanted real wood while her husband wanted the laminated flooring as it's tons cheaper and looks exactly like real wood anyway. And she said: " It's how it's pretending to be real wood that gets to me."

我永远不会买山寨货。Jennifer Connoly在电影《其实他不懂你的心》里的对话总结了我的感想。她饰演的角色在电影中为他们的房子应该买什么样的地板与丈夫发生争吵。她想买实木地板,而她的丈夫想买复合地板,因为它不仅便宜而且看起来与实木地板相差无几。然后她说:“我要如何假装它是实木的。(不准确)”

7、Fed Up, Leeds, 16/4/2012 20:56
And the plastics are toxic....what happened to the kite mark....our health and safety really is cheap.


8、Arnab Roy, Bombay, 16/4/2012 18:49
Oh Dear western friends, there's no escape from the spider net. Its your corporate, the main culprit not the China alone... No company will stop dumping chinese garbage in your home..or Indian software for your bank. Sorry from India!


20、Terry Twelve Pints, In the local, 16/4/2012 18:38
What have the following in common an ipod touch, a patio set, a chiminera, a karaoke machine, a selection of christmas toys, a set of saucepans, a radio controlled car, and a dvd player. They were all made in China over the last 2 years and are all in the skip. I now actively avoid all made in China products


21、Implacable, London, UK, 16/4/2012 15:19
They are probably made in the same factories that make the real thing.


22、Nan 'B', Crawley, West Sussex., 15/4/2012 16:33
Well, you do get what you pay for and most Chinese goods are cheap rubbish manufactured by cheap labour.


23、Anthony, No Longer in Sheffield, 16/4/2012 14:53
Well, you do get what you pay for and most Chinese goods are cheap rubbish manufactured by cheap labour. - Nan 'B', Crawley, West Sussex., 15/4/2012 16:33
Would you rather buy expensive rubbish manufactured by expensive labour? I think you will find that many of the best quality items are made in china. Check you mp3 player, your kitchen appliances, your clothes. The reason you can afford most of them is that they were "manufactured by cheap labour".


24、Old Cynic, London UK, 15/4/2012 21:25
My ex used to work for A Famous Scotch Whisky Manufacturer, and they had a museum of fakes. One exhibit I especially enjoyed was a Chinese brew with a tartan label called 'King Anne Scottesh (sic) Whiskey".

我的前男友曾经在一家著名的苏格兰威士忌工厂工作,他们有一家赝品博物馆。其中我最喜欢的一件展品是一瓶拥有方格花纹标签“King Anne Scottesh (sic) Whiskey”的亚虎国际娱乐酒。

25、Uncle Ben, E.London, 16/4/2012 15:35
But most of the Real Brand Names are a Rip-Off & many people can Not afford to buy the Items.


26、Name : anything except Pippa, Leicester UKnotOK(probably the highest taxed nation on the planet), 16/4/2012 15:44
well it's 1/4 of the price and you cannot tell the difference ................what ya gonna do?


27、Dougie, Harlow. Voting U.K.I.P. at the next election., 16/4/2012 15:47
My ex partner came home from Turkey with a Rolex - on the dial it said "Rolex OYTER, lol.. instead of OYSTER! She obviously knew it was fake, but it made us smile. .


28、Bob, I'm not there, 16/4/2012 16:28
Chinese goods are generally of a very high quality, particularly the clothes. I bought 'Armani' trousers in a small shop and had them adjust the length while I waited. Try asking for that service in Marks and Spencers. They cost about £10 too.


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