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[原创-其它] 面对非议,瑞尔森大学取消小组讨论校园言论自由

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Facing pushback, Ryerson University cancels panel discussion on campus free speech

The event was slated to feature controversial speakers including U of T professor Jordan Peterson and journalist Faith Goldy, who works for the far-right Rebel Media


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Ryerson University has canceled a panel discussion called “The Stifling of Free Speech on University Campuses” following pushback from activists who said the event was giving a platform to fascists.

The event, which was set for August 22, was slated to feature controversial speakers including University of Toronto psychology professor Jordan Peterson, who rose to prominence after refusing to use students’ preferred pronouns, and journalist Faith Goldy, who works for the far-right Rebel Media. Behavioural scientist Gad Saad and psychologist Oren Amitay rounded out the roster.
这个活动原定于八月22日举行,并邀请了一些受争议的知名人物前来演讲,其中包括多伦多大学的心理学教授Jordan Peterson,因公开反对中性人称谓而备受关注的、以及为右翼反对派媒体工作的记者Faith Goldy。行为学家Gad Saad和心理学家Oren Amitay也在邀请名单之上。

Jordan Peterson speaks to a group at the Carleton Place Arena on Thursday, June 15, 2017. Darren Brown / Ottawa Citizen/Ottawa Sun
2017.6.15,Jordan Peterson在卡尔顿竞技场发表演讲。

Ryerson Communications Director Michael Forbes cited safety concerns as the reason the event was shut down.
瑞尔盛大学的联络主管Michael Forbes称,该活动由于安全问题取消。

“After a thorough security review, the University has concluded that Ryerson is not equipped to provide the necessary level of public safety for the event to go forward,” he wrote in an emailed statement. “In light of recent events, Ryerson University is prioritizing campus safety.”

Christeen Elizabeth, one of the organizers of a planned rally against the event — “No Fascists in Our City!”, the Facebook event page for which originally featured a header photo of a crossed-out swastika, before the photo was changed Wednesday — said it was important to speak out against what she sees as violence against oppressed groups.
计划对该讨论会进行抗议活动的其中一位组织者,Christeen Elizabeth表示,“我们的城市不允许法西斯存在!“他们FaceBook的页面上以一个打了叉的万字旗作为头像,后来在周三换掉了它。Elizabeth在页面上声称,把所见的对被压迫群体施加的暴力公布出来,意义重大。

“Transphobia is violence, Islamophobia is violence. Violence is contextual,” she said. “We can’t be complicit in this.”

Elizabeth said activists inundated Ryerson with calls and emails protesting the panel. She said she also collaborated with the school’s student union, who added to the pressure.
It's a time to bloody well hope that everyone takes a deep breath and walks backwards a little bit from the edge of the abyss

Peterson said the cancellation is “an indication of the crazy absurdity that characterizes the current political situation. There’s an element of surrealism to it.”

But he has increased sympathy for a safety argument, he said, given the “inflamed rhetoric” the protesters used.

“I think there’s no excuse for what they’re doing, with the Nazi symbolism. It’s very, very dangerous to engage in that kind of casual vilification,” he said.

The group organizing the panel was thinking of delaying the event themselves because of the recent violence at the white supremacist march in Charlottesville.

“We’re drifting into a scenario of increased polarization, and it’s not an advisable time to contribute to that, wittingly or unwittingly,” Peterson said.

Elizabeth said she might have been a bit hasty to put the word “fascism” in the event title, but defended its use.

“The seeds of fascism, that’s how they start. It starts with this ‘othering’ of people,” she said. “Regardless of whether or not they themselves are preaching strict fascist ideology, who are they preaching to?”

Elizabeth said she has received death threats as a result of protesting the panel. She sent a screenshot of one of them to the National Post, which said, “Im coming after your kids you bitch. You just wait.” She said her step-mother has received similar threats.

“It really just goes to show what kind of calibre of people they are that they would do something like that,” Elizabeth said.
The seeds of fascism, that's how they start. It starts with this 'othering' of people

What happens next, Peterson said, “depends on how rapidly the positive feedback loop between extremists on both ends of the political spectrum expands, and how effectively sensible people in the middle are at dampening it.

“It’s like people are batting back and forth a bomb that gets bigger every time someone hits it,” he said. “They’re not attending to the fact that with each mischaracterization they alienate a larger part of the population. It’s a very bad idea.”

Peterson repeatedly echoed U.S. President Donald Trump’s assertion that ideologues on both sides were responsible for violence.

“It’s a time to bloody well hope that everyone takes a deep breath and walks backwards a little bit from the edge of the abyss,” he said, but noted that now was not the time to discuss the “sins of the radical left.”

“The time right now is for denunciation of what occurred in Charlottesville,” he said.

Though the panel is no more, Elizabeth is still planning a rally. She said she’s reaching out to labour groups and looking to change the tone from anti-fascism to pro-diversity — “sort of celebrating the people that this forum panel was targeting.”

Peterson said he’ll talk with the other would-be panelists about potentially using another venue, though he’s still not sure the timing is right for the talk.

“We’re going to figure out what we can do that’s least harmful,” he said.”Let’s start with that.”

Yu Brown · 12 hrs +70
Perfect Example of the self-righteous dictatorship of the left. Silence a legitimate professor that holds “unacceptable” views.

The left quashing free speech, forcing media, companies and even universities to stifle dissent, be eco-chambers of the lefty ideology. And then they wonder why people radicalize!!
But … but … they “love freedom of speech” … lol … suuuuuure !

Tim Boyle · 11 hrs +15
Agreed Yu, though it sounds like even Peterson was agreeing that now is not the time and Ryerson not the place to conduct the discussion. It is truly sad that although the Left appears well represented on the panel their activists seek not to win the debate but to end it peremptorily.

Kelly Stilling · 11 hrs +20
Well said....C'mon people! Stifling speech is more Nazi/Marxist! Allow this man to speak and be free to debate, discuss & understand each other. Please don't destroy the freedom to think otherwise.

Claude DeRoche · 10 hrs +1
My father got 13 bullets in his body in World War II
to combat these nazï b....ards why bring them back!

Brian Vaselenak · Fort McMurray, Alberta · 10 hrs +4
So True Yu. The Loony Lefties hate Free Speech. Unless it suits their Agenda.

Vladimir Smejkal · 9 hrs
@Kelly Stilling Hitler was eventually allowed to speak and the rest is history...

Jesika Voit · Calgary, Alberta · 9 hrs +4
Vladimir Smejkal you set a dangerous precedent comparing this to that of Nazi Germany. It shows your complete disregard for polarization and it's inherent impact on society.
Vladimir Smejkal你将这个事情与纳粹德国相提并论,是作了一个危险的先例。这显示了你对两极分化以及它对社会的内在影响的全然漠视。

Doug McLeod · Victoria, British Columbia · 8 hrs +2
Vladimir Smejkal That's why accepting it now is a mistake. Except for you Hitler types of course.
Vladimir Smejkal这就是这件事亚虎国际不可接受的原因。当然了,除了你这种希特勒那一型的。

Norman Wells · 8 hrs
Claude DeRoche Which ones are you referring to?
Claude DeRoche 你说的纳粹混蛋具体是指?

Doug McLeod · Victoria, British Columbia · 8 hrs +1
Claude DeRoche "My father got 13 bullets in his body in World War II
to combat these nazï b....ards why bring them back!"

I reject completely that any rational person would admit to being your father. You have no idea who he is.
Claude DeRoche说,“我父亲在二战中中了十三枪。

Ceiteach Mac Mathúna · 2 hrs +1
Claude DeRoche Have you even listened to any of the people on this panel speak before? If you are going to claim they are "Nazi ba...rds", please provide evidence to back up your claim, or else you are no better than having extreme Nazi values yourself...
Claude DeRoche,你之前听过这个讨论组的人说的什么吗?如果一定要把他们称为“纳粹杂种”的话,就拿出你自己的证据来,否则只是证明了你才是纳粹……

Cole Jones · Works at Paper Street Soap Company · 53 mins +1
Claude DeRoche my grandfather fought the Nazis too you a$$. None of these people are Nazis.
Claude DeRoche,你这个*,我爷爷也打过纳粹,我可以担保这些人可不是纳粹。

Arturo Daly · 12 hrs +52
Ha ha, we will shut down the voice of the fascists by being fascists before they can be fascists. The glaring hypocrisy of the hysterical left.

Claude DeRoche · 10 hrs +1
We should not opress neo nazï white suprematists,
we need to jail them, no matter what the Hïtler/Putin lovers think.
No need to repeat the errors in Germany in the 30's.
We won World War II didn't we?
It's no secret that president Putin and president Bannon
want to destroy the USA!

Glyn Lewis · Sherwood Park, Alberta · 11 hrs +9
Claude DeRoche Adolf Hitler very effectively shut down freedom of speech, so why would we cheer it 80 years later.
Claude DeRoche ,因为阿道夫希特勒有效地控制了言论自由,所以我们80年后要庆祝他的倒台。

Rick Edmonds · 11 hrs +14
Claude DeRoche take your meds and come back to reality.
Claude DeRoche,吃点药吧。

Kyle Anders · Waterloo, Ontario · 10 hrs +8
Claude DeRoche spoken like a true fascist.
Claude DeRoche看起来就是个铁杆法西斯。

Richard McIntyre · Ottawa, Ontario · 10 hrs +6
Claude DeRoche You're one gross, ugly cuck, Claude.
Claude DeRoche,你真是个恶心的傻鸟。

Winnie Holland · 9 hrs +2
Claude DeRoche so the panellists are nazis?? You are delusional.
Claude DeRoche,认为讨论组成员都是纳粹?你真是个妄想狂。

Everett Duncan · Austin, Texas · 8 hrs +2
Claude DeRoche Please seek out and return with anything, anything at all, offensive and disrespectful Peterson has said. Good luck with your journey.
Claude DeRoche,说话请拿出依据,什么依据都行,这可是那个混蛋Peterson说的,祝你好运。

Chris DiCesare · Hamilton, Ontario · 12 hrs +33
this has nothing to do with 'othering' fascism or any other derogatory phrasing - this all about stifling political dissent that is critical of ideas of the protestors nothing more nothing less - I wonder if they see the irony of their actions - the viccrat is alive and welll at Ryerson, but as I have read recently Ryerson has a problem with tolerance of voices they dont agree with - seems our SJWs are terrified of independent thinking and articulation of ideas
wonder if it isnt time to for an investigation into the fascism that exists in the adminsitration at Ryerson

Claude DeRoche · 11 hrs +1
Hitler said exactly that in the 30's with a consequence.

Glyn Lewis · Sherwood Park, Alberta · 11 hrs +5
@Claude DeRoche Hitler effectively shut down free speech!
@Claude DeRoche希特勒完全地掌控了言论!

Andrew Swan · 10 hrs +8
@Claude DeRoche I do not believe Hitler said anything about the administration at Ryerson University. I hereby call your bluff, sir.
@Claude DeRoche 我倒不信希特勒对瑞尔森大学校方有什么看法,你在瞎吹。

John Edward · 10 hrs +2
@Andrew Swan It's not a bluff, just a mindless troll being his usual a$$hole self.
@Andrew Swan 他不是在瞎吹,只是在进行一个脑残喷子的日常修养。

Everett Duncan · Austin, Texas · 8 hrs +1
@Claude DeRoche Really?! Prove it, go ahead and give us that exact quote or translation. Good luck with that.
@Claude DeRoche 是吗?证明一下,去找些具体的证据回来吧,祝你好运。

Dennis Egan · Works at Freedom 55er · 12 hrs +38
Ryerson should lose its status as a University and go back to being a Community College if it cannot manage to hold an adult discussion on the relevant issues of the day. C Elizabeth should get an F for providing rhetoric nonsense and nothing of substance in her argument against the event.
如果连就近日的热点展开一场成年人间的讨论都做不到的话,瑞尔森也不必自称大学了,还是做社区学院吧。C Elizabeth在这一系列的抗议活动中,凭借着花言巧语和空洞的虚言,可以拿一个”F”。

Claude DeRoche · 11 hrs +1
May be better to hold it in Moscow or SA (among friends).
A sword dance would be awesome.  :-)

John Edward · 9 hrs +3
Ryerson has never been a university except in official nomenclature

Shawn Burstyn · U of Alberta · 12 hrs +25
No problem. As long as the agenda involves anti Israel or antiesemetic rhetoric, all is well on Ryerson campus.

Mo Jones · 12 hrs +30
So, alt-left fascism shuts down a perfectly legitimate discussion on free speech by intimidating our cowardly public leaders. The rule of law is dead. Fascism has already won.

Ryerson and Canada should be thoroughly ashamed of this action.

Lewis Rossman · Ottawa, Ontario · 11 hrs +13
Ryerson University should be embarrassed and ashahed for caving in to the leftist fascists..Even discussing free speech is no longer acceptable if the speakers are not Right Thinking.. 1984 here we come..
瑞尔森大学应为向左派法西斯屈服而感到羞耻 ..如果演讲者没有“正确地思想”就不允许讨论言论自由……1984,我们来了……

John Edmonstone · West Hill Secondary School · 7 hrs +1
1984 here we are.

Franco Prairie · Works at Self-Employed · 11 hrs +10
The media and the left are virtually at war with anyone who opposes the destruction of north american values, traditions and history.
Like islamic terrorist they're resorting to bring down statutes, monuments who causes them to retrieve to safe spaces.
What will they do next, bomb to pieces entire historical buildings, like their terrorists ISIS cousins did with ancient sacred sites?
Crazy times.

Doug McLeod · Victoria, British Columbia · 7 hrs +15
Simple solution - Director Michael Forbes gets fired. If a person running a University cannot guarantee free speech on it's very grounds, one of the most fundamental and principal requirements of a University he is clearly useless in that role. Leaving Forbes in that position is like keeping a pilot on that can't fly. Get rid of him and put someone in who can do the job. Happens every day in the real world. Simply punt him for cause and bring in someone who can do the job. A secondary benefit, would be that I'd be willing to bet that every other University Director in the Country would up their game to the same level almost immediately
我有一个简单的解决方法,就是把校主管Michael Forbes给炒了。言论自由是大学最基本也是最重要的要求之一,一个人经营管理大学却不能保证大学的言论自由,那就是摆设,留着他就像留着一个不会飞的飞行员一样,干脆把Michael Forbes推出去顶罪了事,再换一个能干事的人来。此外还有一个好处,就是可以让加拿大其他大学的主管们引以为戒。

Doug McLeod · Victoria, British Columbia · 11 hrs +19
"“The seeds of fascism, that’s how they start. It starts with this ‘othering’ of people,” she said.

Yes, because nothing fights fascism like stopping any discussion on or preventing ideas and speech from seeing the light of day that don't mirror your own. And nothing exacerbates the "othering of people" quite like suggesting that those who believe in free speech are Nazi's. A perfect example of Orwells "Doublespeak" but I'd be willing to think she is either too obtuse or too uneducated to even know what it is. You don't know whether to laugh at her imbecility or cry at the fact that she apparently doesn't understand that she is the problem - totalitarianism on the rise. 70 years ago we went to war against people like Christeen Elizabeth, now they are in our Universities.
是的,因为没有人会以压制异见的做法去反法西斯主义,这是最“排斥他人”的法西斯范例,而这些人正是乔治奥维尔所说的“两面派”。但我宁愿相信她出于无知并不知道自己在做什么。最让人感到哭笑不得的是,她正是自己所抗议的“大问题”。在70年前,我们与Christeen Elizabeth这类人斗争,而现在他们却成了我们的大学同学。

Vladimir Smejkal · 9 hrs
You morons have ideas no decent human being is interested in hearing, whence the ban. Live with it old man...

John Edward · 9 hrs
Vladimir Smejkal If no one was interesting in hearing other ideas there would be no need to ban them. Live with it, child.
Vladimir Smejkal ,如果没人想听他人想法的话就无需禁止了,忍着点吧,小鬼。

Doug McLeod · Victoria, British Columbia · 8 hrs
Vladimir Smejkal When you achieve the intellect and knowledge to qualify you as a decent human being, give us a call. You're a long way from it yet.
Vladimir Smejkal 当你达到人类应有的最低限度的智能和知识的时候再来联系我们,现在还差得远呢。

Cole Jones · Works at Paper Street Soap Company · 58 mins
Vladimir Smejkal ah yes, Vladimir. The other board troll. Haven't seen you in a while, where have you been? Busy with your GRU handler?
Vladimir Smejkal 好啊,又一个论坛喷子。好久不见了,到哪去啦?领你的5卢布去了吗?

Jim Patterson · 11 hrs +9
.. another day of being embarrassed to say I am a Canadian!!

Vladimir Smejkal · 10 hrs
No need to be embarrassed, you're not a Canadian...

Brian Vaselenak · Fort McMurray, Alberta · 10 hrs
Vladimir Smejkal you should move back to China

Vladimir Smejkal 你早点回亚虎国际娱乐吧(译:?)

Denis Barker · 11 hrs
Although I disagree with Peterson, she should not be barred from expressing her ideas in a public forum. Her critique of politically correct gender pronouns is particularly relevant given her gender ambiguous Christian name, Jordan.


Doug McLeod · Victoria, British Columbia · 8 hrs
Jordan Peterson is a male. Unconfused, evident, and outward, even dressing the part with no mental issues and recognized as one of the best minds in Canada. You should be so lucky.
Jordan Peterson可是个男性,有着清晰的头脑,有品位的穿着,还被认为是加拿大最聪明的人之一,你可没有那么幸运。

Steve White · Crusty SOB at Retired · 10 hrs
You must feel awfully stupid by now, eh?

Sandi Nickerson · 10 hrs +3
Doug McLeod, Denis knows full well that Peterson is a man, he's purposely misgendering him to make a silly point, not realizing that Peterson is on record saying he would willingly address a trans man as he and a trans woman as she. People like Denis don't listen to Peterson beyond headlines and regurgitated bs so he doesn't actually grasp Petetson's point beyond what he imagines it to be.

Doug McLeod, Denis很清楚Peterson是个男人,只是故意乱用称谓来表达他的傻瓜观点。他不知道Peterson曾表示乐意用“他”和“她”来称呼变形人。像Denis这样的人看媒体新闻只会看标题,而根本不去了解实际内容,所以要对他们想象中的Peterson观点狠喷一番。

Doug McLeod · Victoria, British Columbia · 8 hrs
Sandi Nickerson I fully realise that. I intended to make that clear in my statement but perhaps I wasn't clear enough.

Sandi Nickerson ,我完全了解这一点,也许在我的发言中没表现出来。

Denis Barker · 6 hrs
Sandi Nickerson When Peterson became the face of opposition to Bill C-16, she wandered into my bailiwick. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, in her academic background, her professional or personal experience to lend legitimacy to her odious position that society would be harmed by extending legal protection against discrimination and criminal hatred to transgendered Canadians. She is nothing more than a girl with an opinion, without expertise, with respect to human rights, hate crime and gender identity. For the record, I'm at least as familiar with her work as a psychologist and media slut as anyone else here.

Sandi Nickerson ,当Peterson明确表示反对C-16法案的时候,我就盯上她了。这没什么大不了的,真没什么大不了——她的学术职业背景以及丰富的履历给了她一个可恶的合法地位,让她能扩展法律,保护那些针对变性者的歧视与犯罪,进而伤害社会而已。她只不过是一个在人权、仇恨犯罪和性别认同方面缺乏见解的女孩。我跟心理学家和无良媒体一样,完全了解她干了什么。

Cole Jones · Works at Paper Street Soap Company · 57 mins
Denis Barker sigh....

Denis Barker ,唉……

Carlo Cosolo · Richmond Hill, Ontario · 11 hrs +3
All I know is that I'm ashamed to say I went to Ryerson


Peter Poutine · Works at Self-Employed · 5 hrs
And I'm proud I didn't. Mind you in my day, Tyerson was as well respected as "Trump University" or Rotten Ronnie's "Hamburger U", a place to learn secretarial skills. Probably is now, as well.

Glyn Lewis · Sherwood Park, Alberta · 11 hrs +24
"Ryerson University has canceled a panel discussion called “The Stifling of Free Speech on University Campuses” following pushback from activists who said the event was giving a platform to fascists."

If someone knows of more ironic paragraph than this one, I'd like to see it.
“瑞尔森大学取消了一个名为‘’校园言论自由的沉寂‘’的讨论活动”                                              因为活动者抗议它给了法西斯主义者一个发言的空间“

Eddie Sweet · Works at Retired · 11 hrs +6
Once again the lefty educational system folds to the alt-left.


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Anthony Hulse · University of Calgary · 11 hrs +3
What makes this especially ironic is that Ryerson is famous for being the journalism college.http://www.ryerson.ca/programs/undergraduate/journalism/ "I think what makes Ryerson stand out, and certainly here in the School of Journalism, is our capacity to give students the experience to understand what they're doing. Everyone knows our reputation for hands-on learning, or what we call experiential learning, but that reputation is well-deserved. We make our students get out there and start interviewing people, start writing stories, start speaking truth to power."
Ann Rauhala
Associate Chair and Professor, Journalism
Ann Rauhala                                                                                                                                           新闻系教授兼系副主任

Rick Edmonds · 10 hrs +8
The only sane voice in all this is Perterson. And according to the liberal progressive nut bars he is the problem. And they wonder why people are getting angry, just shut up sit in the corner and pay 50% plus of your wages so we have our agenda. I guess Champlain will be remove from our history books next. Maybe PET should be removed as well since his government opened 7 residential schools and remove his name from that airport in Montreal. And you can't see why people are getting angry, they shut this down because of violence. Would be from the people attending to hear what these people have to say, no it would be from the peace loving left telling people they can't speak their mind. What a bunch of hypocrites, the anger is going to build up and eventually get out of hand. Feel sorry for the younger generation, Canada will be a mess. Just waiting for Heritage Minister to come out with her new speech laws, fake news laws and our M103 committee still has to sit. Canada is working through some very difficult times and there is much more to come. I truly believe Trudeau has done much to polarize and divide this country and we are only 20 months in. Passports will be required at the Manitoba Ontario border by 2019.
(译注:Champlain是魁北克的建立者 ,PET没找到,疑似加拿大历史人物,望补充。M103是加拿大日前通过的反歧视法案,M103委员会负责对社会歧视的情况进行调查)

Taysse Redux · 10 hrs +3
“Regardless of whether or not they themselves are preaching strict fascist ideology, who are they preaching to?” In other words, even if you’re not a bona fide fascist pig yourself (though that's never sure), the people listening to you are most certainly fascist pigs. It’s not freedom of speech we’re opposed to, it’s freedom of listening. We’re just trying to weed out the listeners, not the speakers. Stalin couldn’t have said it any better.

Joe Hvilivitzky · Chippawa, Ontario · 10 hrs +7
Faith Goldy and Jordan Peterson are now considered fascists? If I could find my Ryerson diploma (RTA '67) I'd send it back.
Faith Goldy和Jordan Peterson现在被认为是法西斯了吗?如果我能找到我的瑞尔森大学文凭(RTA传媒学院67年毕业)就把它还回去。

Vladimir Smejkal · 9 hrs
Chances are you don't have any diplomas...

Len Van Den Bosch · Plymouth University · 10 hrs +3
Liberals want fairness and justice. Liberals want income equality so everyone can have a good life. Why do liberals never talk about the unequal pay between public sector employees and private sector workers? Why the silence?
I think we know the reason, don't we.

Kyle Anders · Waterloo, Ontario · 10 hrs +8
Looks like the takeaway lesson from Charlottsville has been declared: free speech is no longer allowed. Good job ANTIFA, you've miraculously transformed into exactly what you (allegedly) opposed.

Tom Steadman · Works at Self-Employed · 10 hrs +5
Egregious, spineless administrators. I am ashamed that my school would profess such mediocre thinking. Puts them on the notorious list alongside Laurier, McGill, Concordia, U of Ottawa and the rest of academic fear mongering.

Warren Yuill · 10 hrs +4
Nobody expected anything less than total capitulation from Ryerson.

Sandi Nickerson · 10 hrs +6
This discussion was going to be protested and shut down regardless, as they have been up until now, but the opportunists have jumped on Charlottesville in order to move the goalposts from tired claims of bigot and oppressor to fascist and Nazi, either too obtuse or too dense to realize one of the panelists they're lumping in with Nazis is himself Jewish. But hey, they can hoist that Soviet flag in the name of tolerance, I'm sure that will help them find the plot again. This would all be quite funny if it wasn't so asinine.

Vladimir Smejkal · 10 hrs
No need to let fascists, racists and cret!ns on the lose discuss anything. There is no controversy, no argument, no merit in it and therefore there is no bloody reason for it, just like there is no need to discuss the benefits of holocausts, reasons for outlawing racism, or pros and cons of shredding our Constitution. In this country freedom of speach has its legal and moral limits, racial discrimination is illegal and being a racist cry baby is not a virtue. Get it all you sick morons?

Carol Tencza · 10 hrs +2
I think the facists were the one's giving the "push back".

George Tsoporis · Toronto, Ontario · 10 hrs +2
You have a right to free speech. You do not have a right to a platform. Also, Peterson is a dreadful bore. Just listen to some of his incoherent and rambling YouTube lectures. Faith Goldy likes fascist politics in Greece. Who wants to hear these people espouse their bigotry? 'Free speech,' as it is being used these days, seems like code for 'alt-right,' neo-nazi, white supremist. Congrats to Ryerson for not giving these buffoons and racists the legitimacy of an academic setting.
你有权利发表任何言论,但你不一定有权利在公共平台上传播它。况且,Peterso是个惹人厌的家伙,你去YouTube听听他那语无伦次、杂乱无章的讲座。而Faith Goldy喜欢希腊的法西斯政治。谁想听到这些人去吹嘘他们的偏见呢?这些日子以来,”言论自由”好像变成了右翼新纳粹头子的座右铭了。瑞尔森不给予这些小丑和种族主义者学术合法性是值得肯定的。

George Hong · Toronto, Ontario · 8 hrs
How can you like Star Trek and be like this.

Bruce Davie · Simon Fraser University · 10 hrs +8
"Peterson repeatedly echoed U.S. President Donald Trump’s assertion that ideologues on both sides were responsible for violence."

I love (sacastic) the way MSM uses wordings like this to position a very fair-minded person like Prof Peterson on the L/R continuum next to Trump. I do not think Peterson's position is aligned with Trump's.

Peterson is a revelation. I hope people listen to what he says. He is NOT alt-right. In fact, to label him as such is an insult to his core-being.

David Stymeist · University of Toronto · 9 hrs +3
Forget about Law and the Charter. Antifa decides what can and can not happen; who may speak and who may not.

Believe everything you are told. The ideological cadres know best.
Think right. Speak correct

Vladimir Smejkal · 9 hrs
What were they going to discuss? Merits of white race supremacy? Merits of a appartheid system? Racial discrimination of Whites?
I guess all valid topics, but no thanks. An asylum would a much better venue.

Winnie Holland · 9 hrs
I doubt your obsessions would have been considered worthy of discussion

Peter Poutine · Works at Self-Employed · 5 hrs
"An asylum would a much better venue."
Good idea, admitting yourself is usually better than the other option. They may let you out someday.

Winnie Holland · 9 hrs +3
Freedom of expression is under attack and the media is complicit in the attacks.
Wake up before it is too late!

Winnie Holland · 9 hrs
Diversity of opinion is more important than any other aspect of diversity.

Darren Kranz · Brock University · 9 hrs +2
Can we take a vote to have Claude and Vladimar banned from the National Post?

Bob Perreault · University of Waterloo · 7 hrs

Wil Cee · 9 hrs +3
How is Faith Goldy "far-right"? How does the writer define "far-right"? Explain that to me.
Faith Goldy是怎么个“极右”法?作者又是怎么定义“极右”的?给我解释解释吧。

Maria Peters · 9 hrs +1
Maybe it is time to ask our government why Canada voted against the resolution of UN,condemning all fascist symbols?!

Dave Patterson · 9 hrs +6
- fascism also starts with demonizing people who say things you don't like, and attacking 'free' speech. and creating mobs of really, really stupid people running around breaking things. Sound like anyone you know?

Dave Patterson · 9 hrs +1
probably way too late for any sane discussion here, but people really need to start understanding what is really going on here, which I take a deeper look at here - It's not 'the left' trying to take over the world and shut down free speech and all that other bad stuff - it's 'the right'!! -http://www.rudemacedon.ca/vgi/ba ... t%20plot%20omg.html

Terry Rogers · Guzzling Beer at MGTOW Headquarters · 9 hrs
A university is no place for the free exchange of ideas!

Peter Poutine · Works at Self-Employed · 5 hrs +1
Carefull, people here don't necessarily understand some aspects of the English language. The ones found in the "S" section of the dictionary.

Jake Stonehenge · Toronto, Ontario · 9 hrs +1
Definately trudeau supporters..

Phred Farkle · 9 hrs
Let's let these loons of the Left get their names out there. No employer with a brain will ever hire them. Thank God for the Internet and easy background checks.

Everett Duncan · Austin, Texas · 9 hrs +1
Peterson "echoing Trump?!" Jeez, guess they had to come up with somthing since his erudition gave them no quotable purchase, not even out of context. Meanwhile, that Christeen Elizabeth, she can't even muster of enough for them to polish before doubling back. Surreal indeed, Dr. Pererson. The irony.
Peterson “附和特朗普?!“哎呀哎呀,我猜因为Peterson 的渊博学识让他们无缝可钻,所以不得不断章取义地编造故事。同时,那个Christeen Elizabeth,她甚至不能在回头之前集合足够的人来充充脸面。的确很超现实,Pererson博士。真是讽刺。

Andrew Spencer · 8 hrs +2
So tell me again who the totalitarians are...所以说谁才是集权主义者……

Rick Lauridsen-Hoegh · Concordia/Ottawa U · 8 hrs +2
So Ryerson (in the left corner - representing the left) is willing to silence the reasonable and the right. How noble and enlightened of them. Sad to see how far we have fallen.

George Hong · Toronto, Ontario · 8 hrs +4
Sheesh, Vladimir or Claude do you have any evidence at all that the 4 speakers talking about freedom of speech are racists, fascists or nazis? Are you two comparing Canada to Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union? Can't you tell Saad and Peterson are classical liberals? Elizabeth is doing the usual Social Justice Warrior leftist thing of defining every little thing as violence. You two are old enough to know better. Can't you tell her own behaviour smells bad? Or are you letting it slide in the name of your cause? I hope we figure it out eventually.
他妈的,Vladimir 跟Claude,你们有什么证据表明那四个人谈论言论自由就是种族主义者、法西斯主义者或纳粹?你们两个把加拿大比作纳粹德国还是苏联?你难道看不出来Saad 和Peterson 是古典自由主义者吗?伊丽莎白做的正是社会正义斗士经常干的事——把每一件小事都定义为暴力。而你们两个都是成年人,对世事应该有了更深的了解。你们难道看不出来她的行为的恶劣之处吗?还是说你们拿钱发帖所以对此视而不见?我希望我们最终能搞清楚。

Stephen Chen · 8 hrs +2
For those of you who don't know, Ryerson is the the most left wing school in Ontario if not all of Canada. There's a reason we used to call it Rye High. And by high I mean high school.

Paul Cerar · Toronto, Ontario · 8 hrs +2
I hope Professor Peterson, and the rest of the pro-democracy panel, smarten up, and sue every fascist who slanders them!

Norman Wells · 8 hrs +1
Point proven. No free speech on campus unless approved.

Richard Silliker · Hamilton, Ontario · 8 hrs
Just another bunch of people who are lazy with thier words and ideas. The whole "left" ideaology can be printed on a t-shirt. "Only I am right"

Peter Poutine · Works at Self-Employed · 5 hrs
you could get a t-shirt like mine which reads Ï'm not trying to offend you, that part is just a bonus".

Ron Drysdale · Brandon University · 7 hrs
"Rye High" ... the most low-level "University" in Canada ... the nickname (coined I think by its own grads) does a dis-service to a lot of really good high-schools in Canada. Not at all vigorous, but they did produce some skilled technicians "back in the day" ... :(

Peter Poutine · Works at Self-Employed · 5 hrs
Yep, some of those secretaries are still servicing their industry.

Cindy Parker · Secretary at Self employed · 6 hrs +2
Just how sad is this in our Canada?? I never thought I would live to see the day that speakers would not be allowed at a Canadian University. Shut down by gutless administrators and the alt left activists that think it's ok to scream down anything they don't like, pull fire alarms and threaten violence. Where is our Government, never mind, taking selfies...where is our law enforcement, never mind, bellboys on our border less country. Oh Canada, We forgot to stand on guard for thee!

Carol Tencza · 6 hrs
Thank you. A few of have some sanity left... pun not intended.

Bruce Vereshagen · 6 hrs +3
So, if I am understanding this correctly, Ryerson was going to have a panel discussion on a perceived issue around Ryerson stifling right of centre views on campus by caving in to the demands of left wing activists threatening violence, but then decided to cancel the discussion because left wing activists threatened violence? Is that about right? Please tell me I have been asleep for eight and a half months and this is an April Fools article. Do people actually pay money to attend this clown circus?

Alex Dennison · 4 hrs
As usual the university administrators buckle under pressure from the SJWs and cite "public safety" as the reason for cancelling the event. Pathetic.

John Rebelo · Owner at Self-Employed · 4 hrs
I read the article... I read all comments. Yes, I am absolutely convinced this Liberal Marxism/Postmodernism... ideology(?) which presently controls the Administration Offices, Faculty and Campuses of most Canadian, American and European Universities trully is a mental sickness. What's happening to the people who are supposed to be our future...???

Susan Young · Toronto, Ontario · 3 hrs
It is the leftists who are the fascists. That is what is so Orwellian about this. None of those speakers are fascists and I have listened to all of them in varying degrees. It is those who shut down debate and free expression who are the fascists.

Andrew Zubriczky · CEO & Founder at Get Google First Page Results · 3 hrs
When are people going to wake up to the disarming reality that 'Freedom of Speech', 'Liberty' , and 'Equality' do NOT exist in our present society, they are merely idealistic constructs that hold no power over people any longer. Instead, they only serve to anger and alienate. What is the world coming to?

Ivo Kintobor · 2 hrs
Do it in Calgary. U of C.

Cole Jones · Works at Paper Street Soap Company · 1 hr
So I take Ryerson = UQAM for all intents and purposes? When do the riots start?

GS Chaban · 36 mins
"Violence is contextual." What does that even mean, Elizabeth? If I'm a vegan, does slicing carrots equate violence? What about if I love the Habs and someone says that they hate their red sweaters? Should I be going to a tribunal? If there's discussion I don't like, let me hear it so I know what and where it is.


If a group of Antifa is deciding for me, I'm well aware of at least one hate group that's crushing freedom


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